Grower Access
When opening the application, the user is met with an EcoProMIS and
Agricompas logo splash screen. The user is then shown the login interface, to limit their access to their data and authenticate their use.

Grower Plots
After logging in, the user is shown the plots registered with their account. The «gallery» of fields shows basic information about the farm plots, such as the name of the plot and the crop is grown.

General Farmer Information
Once the user selects the farm field, they would like to view, more in-depth
information is shown about the farmer and the field (such as monthly yield
prediction statistics). Additionally, a plot menu is always available to navigate through the plot statistics.

Weather, Climate, and Biomass Statistics
For weather and climate, the user will see the precipitation data showing the latest precipitation in millimeters per month with extra values as maximum, average, and a minimum of the latest months. The precipitation includes an interpretation button which explains the statistics.
Under the «Solar Statistics», two sunlight hours and solar intensity dashboards have been included, as our workshops identified these as important information needed by the farmers.
Under the «Biomass Statistics» tab, field LAI and historical biomass
visualizations were included, as our groups also deemed this critical
information to the farmer.